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Management and organisation

The foundation Fryske Akademy (the Frisian Academy) was established in Leeuwarden on 10 September 1938. According to its statutes, the Akademy's goal is "to maintain a working community dedicated to practicing science connected to Friesland, the Frisian people and their culture in all its manifestations, and such in the broadest sense".

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Managing Director dr. Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm.

Managing Director

The daily management of the Fryske Akademy is in the hands of the Managing Director. The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for all activities and decisions related to the institution. She is accountable to the Supervisory Board in accordance with the statutes and rules of procedure.

  • dr. Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm is Managing Director of the Fryske Akademy since March 2021.


Management Team

The Managing Director is advised by a Management Team (MT). 

Since 1 January 2021, the representation consists of:

  • Joop Petter, Head of Finances
  • Vacancy, Head of Planning and Acquisition



Supervisory Board

Pursuant to the Statutes, the Fryske Akademy has a Supervisory Board. The Board oversees the policy and management of the Managing Director. 

The Supervisory Board consists of:

  • Seerp Y. Leistra, Groningen (Chairman)
  • Wim Kleinhuis, Gorredijk
  • Prof Anthonya Visser, Amsterdam
  • Dr. Jan Don, Enspijk


Works Council

The Fryske Akademy has a Works Council (UR), in which five employees of the Akademy are seated. The competence of the Council, among others the right of advice, the right of consent and the right of initiative, is regulated in the Dutch Law on the Works Council (WOR). According to this Law, the Council works in the interest of the proper functioning of the company.

Since 15 January 2021, the Works Council consists of:

  • Eduard Drenth (Chair)
  • Edwin Klinkenberg (Secretary)
  • Han Nijdam (Co-chair)
  • Willem Visser
  • vacancy



Frysk Akademyfûns Foundation

The foundation Frysk Akademyfûns (Frisian Academy Fund) was founded on 19 July 1968 to bring together funds with the aim to stimulate Frisian scientific work in the broadest sense. Among the aims is also to promote a reasonable accommodation in terms of buildings and property of the Fryske Akademy. As a legal entity, the Frysk Akademyfûns has a separate status from the Fryske Akademy foundation and its financial capital is formed by i.a. donations, gifts and legacies.

Since September 2021, the composition of the board is as follows:


  • Drs. H. ten Hoeve, chair
  • J.W. Petter, secretary/treasurer


  • Mr.E.M.W. De Lange
  • Mr. R.E.J. Veldhuyzen van Zanten
  • F. de Jong-Krap
  • Mw. Mr. M. Geertsema
  • Mr. H. Ph. Breuker


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