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Duarte, dr. J. (Joana) da Silveira

postdoctoral researcher

Areas of expertise

multilingual education; minority languages; migrant languages; language acquisition in a multilingual context



Holi-Frysk (researcher)
More opportunities with multilingualism (researcher)
TEACH-D: Teaching in Diversity (researcher) 
COMBI II: Communication competences for migrants and disadvantaged background learners in bilingual work environments (researcher)
Langscape Network (researcher)



Joana Duarte (Lisbon, 1977) studied modern languages (English and Portugese) and linguistics at the University of Lisbon. Afterwards she followed the postdoctoral teacher training programme for English and Portugese in secondary education, and worked as a teacher on a secondary school in Santarém. In 2004 she obtained a master's degree  in Intercultural Education at the University of Hamburg. In 2009 she defended her Phd thesis concerning her study on language development in children on bilingual schools in Hamburg. In Germany she worked between 2008 and 2015 as researcher on the universities of Keulen and Hamburg. Since 2015 she lives and works in the Netherlands. She is a teacher at the master Multilingualism and the bachelor Minorities & Multilingualism of the University of Groningen, and she is associate lector for multilingualism (Drents and German) at the Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Emmen. In her research, Duarte focusses on multilingualism in education, on the transference of language skills among languages, and on language use in multilingual contexts. At this moment she is post-doctoral researcher at Mercator European Research Centre for Multilingualism and Language Learning of the Fryske Akademy. Here, she works on projects concerning multilingualism in education and society.


Publications (selection) 

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