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Frysk Diktee


It Grut Frysk Diktee

Gnyskje, nútsjesmoar, twirrewyn, skroarjûn, noaskje and krûpelhintsje. Just a few words that may appear in the Grut Frysk Diktee (Great Frisian Dictation). In cooperation with Omrop Fryslân, Afûk, it Taalsintrum Frysk (Cedin) and the Provinsje Fryslân, the Fryske Akademy organises It Grut Frysk Diktee in the Statenzaal (States Chamber) of the Provinsjehûs every year. The text is written by a well-known Frisian, and the event is presented and broadcast by Omrop Fryslân.


Qualifying dictation

Anyone who would like to participate in It Grut Frysk Diktee must qualify. In the months leading up to the event, there will be a qualifying dictation on the website of It Grut Frysk Diktee that anyone can make. The best twenty participants will secure a place in the States Chamber. Besides the twenty candidates who qualify, five teams will also compete. These are teams with well-known Frisians, people from a certain profession or students from a specific study programme. The winner will go home with the 'Gouden Dakje' ('Golden Circumflex'). 


Dictation texts

For the news about and the broadcasts of It Grut Frysk Diktee, also look at the website of Omrop Fryslân.


It Lyts Frysk Diktee

Who can write Frisian best of all primary school children in Friesland? For children, the Fryske Akademy, Afûk, it Taalsintrum Frysk (Cedin) and the Provinsje Fryslân organise It Lyts Frysk Diktee in the spring. The qualification for this takes place at the schools. In the last edition, 50 students from 30 different schools participated. The final is, as with It Grut Frysk Diktee, in the Statenzaal of the Provinsjehûs.

In 2023, children's book author Tialda Hogeveen made the text of It Lyts Frysk Diktee, in 2022, the text was written by (children's book) translator Martsje de Jong.