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Lecture Nelleke IJssennagger, 'At home along different coasts', Cardiff University (UK)

Dr. Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm FSA, managing director at the Fryske Akademy, is one of the presenters at the conference 'East and West in Early Medieval Europe and Beyond; Papers in Honour of John Hines and Alan Lane.' De title of IJssennagger's presentation is 'At home along different coasts: Cultural Historical perspectives on coastal dwellers in North-western Europe'. 

This event is organised by Cardiff University. This conference celebrates researchers John Hines and Alan Lane’s significant and long-lasting contributions to early medieval studies at Cardiff University. Speakers including friends, collaborators and former students from across Britain and Europe, who will present on a range of themes, including material culture, literature, central places, settlement, mortuary practices, and landscape.

More information and the programme can be found at the Eventbrite-page