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Linguistics Day 2021

The Linguistics Circle of the Frisian Academy organizes its annual meeting this year, as part of the ‘Myn Taal’ festivities in Fryslân around Kneppelfreed. The 11th Conference on Frisian linguistics will be of interest to anyone who actively or passively participates in Frisian studies: this may concern historical, sociological or linguistic approaches, as long as it relates to the Frisian language. Contributions may focus on the results of scientific and scholarly research, but presentations of research plans, of speculations or of language corpora are also welcome. They may be presented in any of the West-Germanic languages. In light of the ‘Myn Taal’ month, the optional conference theme is ‘Taalstriid’ (competition between languages, words or structures). Student contributions are, as always, warmly welcome as well. Depending on the number of submissions, we will consider hosting a poster session.


  • When: Friday 19 November 2021, 10:00-17:00 hrs
    Where: Fryske Akademy (room Sânwâlden or digital, depending on the Covid pandemic) 
    Organization: Linguistics Circle 
    Registration: via Eric Hoekstra (



Call for papers

The time allotted for a paper is 30 minutes (20 minutes talk, 10 minutes discussion).

We invite everyone to participate. Please send an abstract – as soon as possible, but not later than September 1 – of half A4, with name and address, to Eric Hoekstra (secretary of the Linguistics Circle):


Or by regular mail to:

Fryske Akademy
Eric Hoekstra, Taalkundich Wurkferbân,
Postbus 54,
8900 AB Ljouwert/Leeuwarden,
The Netherlands.