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Fairtrade certificate for Fryske Akademy

De representers of the twelve Fairtrade certificated organisations. (photo: Municipality of Leeuwarden)

The Fryske Akademy was able to receive a Fairtrade certificate at the Leeuwarden Town Hall in early November. Alderman Evert Stellingwerf (GroenLinks Leeuwarden) awarded the certificates alongside the Fryske Akademy to eleven more organisations.

The certificate is awarded to organisations that contribute to one or more of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, also known as Globals Goals. These are goals that help reduce poverty and inequality and bring about climate change.
These includes Fairtrade coffee, tea and chocolate milk is drunk at the Fryske Akademy. Furthermore, efforts are made to leave less waste behind by reusing coffee cups. In addition, cleaning is done with more environmentally friendly supllies than what is often common.

Joop Petter, MT member: "Fair trade stands for fair prices for products and care for the world around us. Without these very small steps, a more sustainable world is not possible. In particular, it is a matter of awareness of our consumption behaviour. The Akademy would like to make its contribution to this, however how small it may be in the big picture. This is also important for the world and future generations".

Working together
The municipality noticed how many of the certified organisations already cooperate with each other. This helps to realise the Sustainable Development Goals. The other organisations that were certified at the meeting at the Town Hall are: the Fries Sociaal Planbureau, Stadshout Leeuwarden, The Bakery Leeuwarden, Omrin Estafette, Pottle, O3 Leeuwarden, Blooming Bakery, Salon Postma, Grou2030, Stichting Sociaal voor Elkaar and L.A.P. Atelier of Fier.