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Lecture Anne Hielke Lemstra on Luxwouder family history

Anne Hielke Lemstra

The Fryske Akademy is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The Genealogical Association of the Fryske Akademy, together with the Frisian Council of Heraldry (Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk), is therefore organising an afternoon on Luxwouder family history. On Saturday 25 November, genealogist Anne Hielke Lemstra will hold a lecture in village hall 't Trefpunt in Luxwoude on the Luxwolda family and related families, up to about 1875. Herald Jelle Terluin of the Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk will drop by to talk about the flag and coat of arms of Luxwoude. The lecture starts at 13:30, admission is free. 


The Luxwolda's

In his lecture, Anne Hielke Lemstra will discuss the research he did on the history of the Luxwolda family and some related families. The origin of that family is, logically, the village of Luxwoude in Opsterland. The village itself and the former grietenij Aengwirden may be small, but the surviving sources give ample insight into this (small) family.
For generations, the Luxwoldas were involved in peat extraction in the area. Older generations of the family can be found in nearby Aengwirden, while later generations settled in Langezwaag and Gorredijk, among others. 

An article Lemstra wrote as a result of his research will soon appear in the new Genealogysk Jierboek, published since 1951 by the Fryske Akademy and edited by members of the Genealogysk Wurkferbân. The yearbook contains genealogical contributions, such as pedigrees, parentages and other reconstructions of family relationships from earlier times, and a survey of coat of arms registrations by the heraldic college Fryske Rie foar Heraldyk. 

Especially for Lemstra's lecture, the village historians of Luxwoude will open the doors of their archive, which is housed in village hall 't Trefpunt, where the lecture will also be held. 


About Anne Hielke Lemstra

Anne Hielke Lemstra (1967) has been an editorial board member of the Genealogysk Jierboek since 2006. He was also chairman of the Genealogysk Wurkferbân of the Fryske Akademy. In primary schools, Lemstra was already doing archival research. In 2002, this resulted in a publication about a Lemstra family in the Genealogysk Jierboek. That was not about his own family, but about a small family that derived the family name from their place of origin: Lemmer.

In 2015, he wrote the book 200 jaar Schirm mode Lemmer & Emmeloord about the history of seven generations of tailors, from founder Valentijn Schirm in 1815 to the current generation. Lemstra also contributed to Tussen Zijlroede en Lijnbaan (2008), a book on the history of one of the few surviving eighteenth-century properties in Lemmer. 

In brief

- Lecture Anne Hielke Lemstra - 'Luxwolda'
- Date: Saturday 25 November 2023
- Location: 't Trefpunt, Hegedyk 38A, Luxwoude
- Language: Frisian
- Time: walk-in at 13:00, start 13:30
- Entrance: free