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Lectures for the Oldenburgische Landschaft in Saterland

[Picture: H. Topf, Oldenburgische Landschaft]

The Fryske Akademy is currently working on a scholarly online grammar of Saterland Frisian, written in English. The previously published German-language grammar, also made by the Fryske Akademy, is intended for a wider audience and written in German. Dr Eric Hoekstra is working on this project in Leeuwarden, and Dr Bouke Slofstra can be found regularly in Saterland in the same context. 


A few words of Saterlands Frisian

At the invitation of their colleague Henk Wolf, scientific officer for Saterland Frisian, nine employees of the Oldenburgische Landschaft visited Saterland on Wednesday 22 February 2023. After a warm welcome by mayor Thomas Otto at Ramsloh town hall, Henk Wolf, his project colleague Tjallien Kalsbeek from the so-called Seeltersk-Kontoor, and Bouke Slofstra presented their work. Visitors could also learn a few words of Saterlands Frisian. 

At noon, everyone gathered for a cosy lunch at Harald Grosser's restaurant Treffpunkt, the son of famous Saterland writer Gretchen Grosser. He sells his mother's books and cards. Then they continued to Scharrel to the Saterland culture house. There, representatives of the Seelter Buund warmly welcomed the scientists. 


Oldenburgische Landschaft

Like the Fryske Akademy, the Oldenburgische Landschaft is a small research institute that focuses on the languages and cultures of a region: the former German state of Oldenburg. Like the Fryske Akademy, professional researchers work there in working groups together with volunteers. The two institutes now have a joint project in the description of Saterland Frisian for the third year in a row. The Oldenburgische Landschaft particularly appreciates the fact that the Fryske Akademy is making such an effort for the variant Frisian spoken by some two thousand people in Saterland, which until 1946 belonged to the then state of Oldenburg.