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Lexicographer Hindrik Sijens elected to Euralex board

The Fryske Akademy is a member of the European Association for Lexicography (Euralex). The aim of Euralex is to promote scientific activity in the field of lexicography (dictionary making) and related disciplines (semantics, corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, data management) as far as they relate to lexicography.

One of the activities to achieve this goal is the organisation of conferences. Every two years, each time in a different city, some 300 lexicographers meet. In 2010, Leeuwarden hosted this Euralex congress.

The Euralex board manages the day-to-day business. At the most recent congress, in Mannheim, Germany, Hindrik Sijens, lexicographer at the Fryske Akademy, was elected to the board as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (second secretary-treasurer).

Dictionary writing and all that comes with it is now a digital process. The challenges and associated changes are the subject of debate within academic and professional lexicography, so also within Euralex. Through Sijens' board seat, the Fryske Akademy is represented there at European level.