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Nominations of new Akademy members

As a scientific institute, the Fryske Akademy has had members since its foundation. Akademy members are persons from all over the world, who deserve this award on the basis of merits in the field of science, merits for Frisian culture, or great long-term enthusiasm for science or Frisian culture in general.

Donors and members may nominate persons for appointment as members of the Fryske Akademy throughout the year. At the Akademydei, new members are appointed by the managing-director, who is assisted by the nomination committee in evaluating the nomination. 

For appointment to the Akademydei in September 2023, nominations must be submitted no later than Tuesday, January 31, 2023 by letter/email. The nomination should clearly state the reasons why the nominee deserves the membership. Please also include your own contact information because if the nominee is appointed a member, we would like to invite you as well. If you are not sure whether someone is currently a member of the Fryske Akademy or not, please inquire in advance at the secretariat:  

A letter of nomination can be sent to: 

  • Fryske Akademy 
    Nije leden 
    Postbus 54 
    8900 AB Ljouwert/Leeuwarden 

Or via e-mail to: