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Vacancy PhD position 'Regional variation of Frisian'

Prof Hans Van de Velde (Fryske Akademy / Utrecht University) will be co-supervisor in the new PhD project 'Regional variation of Frisian' at the University of Groningen / Campus Fryslân. This research position is part of the project Melodies of the North by Dr Josh Schäuble and Dr Vass Verkhodanova. Potential candidates have until 12 July to apply.


The job description

"Join the Melodies of the North research project and create phonetic archives for low-resource languages. Using Frisian as a case study, your research will address methodological and theoretical aims such as studying language variation and change, developing AI tools, and managing diverse stakeholder interests.  You will also pioneer the creation of a digital archive of spoken Frisian, which captures the diversity of dialects across the region.

This multidimensional approach aims to enhance our understanding of Frisian's linguistic landscape, contribute to its preservation, and foster educational and research opportunities. Beyond its research objectives, Melodies of the North emphasizes community engagement, promoting a culture of linguistic stewardship, and empowering Frisian-speaking communities to actively participate in the preservation and revitalization of their language."

  • A letter with CV and a research proposal must be submitted to the selection committee before July 12;
  • All information is to be found on the university's website.