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Week of It Grut Frysk Diktee has started!

'It Grut Frysk Diktee - De Opwaarmer'

Are you ready yet? Then turn on Omrop Fryslân Television and get your pens and papers ready, because this week is the week of It Grut Frysk Diktee!


It Grut Frysk Diktee - De Opwaarmer
Omrop Fryslân TV: 23 May, 7:30-8:30 pm

On Tuesday 23 May at 7.30 pm you can already watch It Grut Frysk Diktee - De Opwaarmer . Presenter Miranda Werkman receives three special guests in the Omrop Fryslân studio. Iris Kroes is a singer/musician and she wrote the dictation text this year, which will be about a special phase in her life. Hindrik Sijens is chairman of the jury of It Grut Frysk Diktee and lexicographer at the Fryske Akademy. Sietske Poepjes is a deputy of the province of Fryslân and naturally has a strong bond with the Frisian language.

It Grut Frysk Diktee 
Omrop Fryslân TV: 24 May, 7:30-10:30 pm

Gnyskje, nútsjesmoar and krûpelhintsje. It Grut Frysk Diktee is back with a new edition. In addition to the 20 participants who have qualified, five teams will also compete against each other. There is a team of Frisian artists including Johannes Rypma, Pieter Sahieter and Nynke Heeg. Another team is formed by various journalists from the Friesch Dagblad, Omrop Fryslân and the Leeuwarder Courant. There is also a team with pastors, Pabo students and a group of young people from the Beunhok shack from Twijzelerheide. The winner of It Grut Frysk Diktee goes home with 'it gouden dakje'. There is a separate prize for the winning team. Are you also participating? 

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