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Weekend of Science in Leeuwarden: lectures for the whole family

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October, the Weekend of Science takes place across the Netherlands. The Weekend of Science offers everyone, from young to old, insight into the world of science and technology in an accessible way. Visitors get a unique look behind the scenes at organisations and get to go to places that are normally not visible to the public. They meet real scientists. See restorers at work in a museum. And do experiments in laboratories. 


Family College Fryske Akademy

The Fryske Akademy is one of Friesland's science partners this year. Dr Simon Halink, researcher in modern cultural history at the Fryske Akademy, will give a real family lecture on 1 October entitled: 'To whom does the past belong?' This lecture will take place in the RuG/ Campus Fryslân's building ('Beursgebouw') in the centre of Leeuwarden. Besides Halink's lecture, there will be lectures and workshops all day (10.30 a.m.-15.00 p.m.) for the whole family to follow: on speech technology, artificial intelligence, ethics and discord, aerodynamics, polymers, colours and more. The day starts with a family lecture by Klaas van Kruistum, who you might know as presenter of the children's programme ZappLive or Klaas Kan Alles. Klaas will conduct experiments in the hall... will that work out? 


1 October 13:45
Simon Halink (Fryske Akademy) - To whom does the past belong?

Why is it so important to look very critically at the past? More importantly, how do we remember the past and how does each generation give it its own twist? What role does our collective memory play in the image we have of ourselves? And how is our image of the past determined by our contemporary prejudices? In this lecture, we look at the different ways in which the past can be used and abused in public debates at home and abroad. Together, we will answer the question: what role does the scientist play in all this?!


For everyone aged 8 and up

Weekend of Science is suitable for (almost) all ages. Perhaps a little less suitable for the very young, but from about 8 years of age you can discover for yourself all that the wonderful world of science and technology has to offer.


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Weekend of Science at RuG/ Campus Fryslân 

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