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50th Dossier on the Romansh language

“The Romansh language in education in Switzerland” is the 50th Regional Dossier published by Mercator Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning at the Fryske Akademy. 

The author of the 50th Regional dossier is Manfred Gross, head of the Institute of Multilingualism at the University of Teacher Education in the Swiss canton Graubünden. Gross is an expert on the Romansh language. Matthias Grünert from the University of Fribourg has also provided valuable input for the dossier.

Publishing the Regional Dossiers is one of Mercator’s key activities: each dossier details the education of a minority language in a specific region in Europe and beyond. All dossiers have a fixed structure, making quantity and quality of education among languages easy to compare. The dossiers’ contents are valuable for policymakers, researchers, teachers, students and journalists, but also for laymen who are interested in the education of minority languages. This year, the dossiers have been downloaded more than 18.000 times until now.

Mercator is continuously striving to cover new languages and update existing dossiers. Upcoming dossiers include “The Hungarian language in education in Ukraine”, “The Mongolian language in education in China”, “The Danish language in education in Germany”, and updates of “The Gaelic language in education in the UK”, “The Finnic languages in education in Sweden” and “The Occitan language in education in France”.

To celebrate the publication of our fiftieth dossier, we have developed a new means to select Mercator’s dossiers on the website via an embedded map.