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The European Dictionary Portal ( is now available in Frisian. This website contains at least one quality dictionary of a large number of European languages.

What is unique about the portal is that in addition to dictionaries of national languages ​​such as Dutch, minority languages ​​such as Scots Gaelic, Frisian and Basque are included as well. For Frisian, only the scientific dictionary of the Frisian language (WFT) is currently on the list. The intention is to include other Frisian dictionaries as well.

All dictionaries in the list are based on clear criteria defined by expert dictionary makers of t
he European Network of e-Lexicography, in which the Fryske Akademy participates. Gerbrich de Jong and Hindrik Sijens have collaborated in this project. The portal was developed by language technician Michal Boleslav and is aimed at scientists, translators, language teachers and language enthusiasts.

The Frisian interface of the European Dictionary Portal can be found here