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Ut de Smidte and newsletters

Ut de Smidte

Ut de Smidte is the Frisian-language magazine for donors and members of the Fryske Akademy. The magazine is usually published twice a year a provides information on research, publications and public activities of our institute.

Past issues of Ut de Smidte are available below in PDF.

Ut de Smidte 53-3 (Autumn 2019)
Ut de Smidte 53-2 (Summer 2019)
Ut de Smidte 53-1 (Spring 2019)

Ut de Smidte 52-1 (Winter 2018)

Ut de Smidte 51-1 (Autumn 2017)

Ut de Smidte 50-2 (Autumn 2016)
Ut de Smidte 50-1 (Spring 2016)

Ut de Smidte 49-1 (Summer 2015)

Ut de Smidte 48-2/3 (Autumn/Winter 2014)
Ut de Smidte 47-3/48-1 (Spring 2014)

Ut de Smidte 47-2 (Summer 2013)
Ut de Smidte 47-1 (Winter 2013)

Ut de Smidte 46-1/2 (Summer 2012)

Mercator Network Newsletter

Ten times a year, Mercator Research Centre distributes the Mercator Network Newsletter with news on multilingualism and minority languages, and an overview of international conferences. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the website of knowledge centre Mercator.


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  • The Fryske Akademy can be found on Facebook and you can follow our Twitter account @FryskeAkademy.

  • Our PhD students jointly maintain the weblog De AyO-tún and can also be followed via their Twitter account @deayotun.

  • Our website with digital language tools for Frisian Taalweb Frysk also has a Twitter account for language news, updates and queries: @taalwebfrysk.