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Academic education


For the Fryske Akademy, chairs, lectureships and secondments at universities and (high) schools are important, because they ensure the embedding of our expertise in the academic education system. This enables us to reach students and PhD students, who are our future colleagues. As a strategic cooperation opportunity between institutes, professorships and chairs also play an important role.

We therefore want to give talented people the opportunity to develop towards associate professor and full professor. For the field, it is essential that a new generation of experts is ready to train students and to take up professorships in the future. The Fryske Akademy plays a role in this by seconding experts and ensuring the development of the independent researchers of the future. With university education, PhD programmes and internships, we contribute to knowledge transfer on the Frisian language and regional history.



Bysûndere learstuollen

With (special) chairs in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Fryske Akademy provides university research and education in the field of frisistics.

University of Amsterdam
The Akademy has agreed with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to give Frisian a place there within the chair of Germanic languages. The special chair in Frisian linguistics will continue to exist and will be given a place within the chair in Germanic linguistics. Special attention is paid to German, Scandinavian and Frisian languages. The chair is held by Prof Arjen Versloot.
The Fryske Akademy also provides lectures on Frisian language acquisition at the University of Amsterdam.

Utrecht University
On behalf of the Fryske Akademy, Prof Hans Van de Velde has been affiliated to Utrecht University since 2019. There, he holds the chair in Sociolinguistics with a focus on the language situation in Fryslân.

Other universities have also had associate professors on behalf of the Fryske Akademy in recent years. From 2017-2022, the Fryske Akademy held a special professorship at the University of Groningen, Fryslân in the trade networks of pre-industrial Europe (1000-1800): Prof Hanno Brand. Until 2017 and 2021, the Fryske Akademy also held two special professorships at Leiden University. The special professorship for Frisian language and literature, in particular for Old Frisian, was not continued after the retirement of Prof Rolf Bremmer Jr in 2017. In July 2021, with the retirement of Prof Dr Hans Mol, the special professorship for the medieval history of the Frisian lands came to an end.



Picture: Jean-Pierre Jans

PhD tracks

A special educational task of the Fryske Akademy is to house and supervise PhD students. There are currently 2 PhD students stationed at the Fryske Akademy. We actively engage in attracting young PhD students through NWO, UCL and European funding streams and aim to attract at least two PhD students or postdocs every year.