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Research themes

What research is being done at the Fryske Akademy? For the running five-year period 2015-2020, the Fryske Akademy has defined seven research themes. See the overview below. More about ongoing projects can be found on the theme pages. 


Multilingualism and language learning

Research into the social and individual aspects of multilingualism, with a focus on language minorities.

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Language description and standardisation

Description of the Frisian language today and in the past, covering the development of digital tools for researchers and language users.

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Synchrony and diachrony in language

Research into the Frisian language now and in the past, and into the changes and mutual influence of the language varieties spoken in Friesland.

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Power, property, and territory in Friesland

Research into the long-term development of the property and power balances in the Frisian area between Vlie and Eems.

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Medieval legal traditions

Comparative research into European medieval legal traditions, focusing specifically on Frisian medieval law.

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Culture in early modern Friesland

An analysis of the political and religious changes that occurred in Friesland between 1450 and 1800, and the Frisian identity that was the result.

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Economic clusters

Regional historical research into the economic development and economic policies in Friesland since 1870.

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