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Become a donor


The Fryske Akademy has a large constituency of donors who care about its work. They are all people with an interest in the Frisian language, culture and science. And who can contribute to the work of the Fryske Akademy through working groups and study circles.  


Informed and involved

As a donor of the Fryske Akademy, you stay well informed and are invited to various activities: lectures, symposiums and, of course, the annual Akademydei in September.  

Donors also receive Ut de Smidte, the donor magazine, twice a year. As a donor, you can participate free of charge in the activities of working groups and study circles of the Fryske Akademy. Donors can often take part in conferences and symposia for free or at a discount.  

The Fryske Akademy has ANBI-status. This allows donors to deduct donations from income and corporation tax (following existing legal regulations).



For € 25.00 per year you can be a donor. Donorship is offered to students for € 20.00. Please send us an email to with your name and address, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please write 'New donor' in the title of your email. 


Donation contribution

Are you a donor of the Fryske Akademy? 

Go to the payment page of the Fryske Akademy to pay your contribution.