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Media relations

On this page you will find information about our media relations services.

The communication department is the first reference point for journalists with questions about scientific research, activities and policy of the Fryske Akademy.
The department is also familiar with finding experts on Frisian themes. In addition, the department provides support to scientists in their relations with the public and the media.

Press releases from the Fryske Akademy can be found in our news overview. If you would like to know more about a particular theme or are looking for an expert, please contact one of our communication staff.


Communicatie department

E-mail (general)

Communication officer

Mettje de Vries (Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays)
T +31 (0)58 234 30 66


Press images

Press images can be downloaded below. Press images are royalty-free provided that the credits are mentioned. Looking for another image? Contact us. Also have a look at our photo albums on Flickr.

Logo Fryske Akademy, .jpg, 2382x543 px.
Logo Fryske Akademy, .png, transparant
Fryske Akademy, view on the Groeneweg (.jpg, 300dpi, 3.4 MB). Credits: Michel Montsma/GPNo
Fryske Akademy, view on the Doelestraat (.jpg, 300dpi,. 6.1 MB). Credits: Jo Janssen Architects
Fryske Akademy (.jpg, 300dpi, 16.9 MB). Credits: Erik en Petra Hesmerg
Swan defending the coat of arms of the Fryske Akademy (.jpg, 300 dpi, 16.0 MB). Credits: Erik and Petra Hesmerg
Fryske Akademy, interior former church Noorderkerk (It Aljemint) (.jpg, 300dpi, 4.6 MB). Credits: Jo Janssen Architects
Ontvangstkamer ("Gryn") in het Coulonhûs (.jpg, 300dpi, 5.6 MB). Credits: Jeroen Helmers/Interoffice
Wall tapestry (1979) by textile artist Lokke Laurijssens (.jpg, 300dpi, 6.39 MB). Art collection Fryske Akademy
Honor pin for appointed Members (.jpg, 300dpi, 1.04 MB). Credits: Fryske Akademy