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How nice of you to help us!

On this page, we ask for your help with various surveys around the Frisian language and culture. With a few minutes of your time, you can be of great help to our researchers.

The studies below have been developed by the scientific staff of the Fryske Akademy, or have come about under their supervision. The results are used in research projects carried out in cooperation with national and international knowledge institutes.

A contact address is always provided with the calls. For questions about data, privacy and the conduct of the study, please contact the researchers directly. 

Language accents on the map

We are looking for people who can understand Frisian (a little)!

Do you know where they speak the different accents of Frisian? Then participate in a game about the different types of Fries yn Fryslân.
Point out on the map where they speak the Frisian you hear. This way you help science, because the results will be used (anonymously) for linguistic research.

Anyone who can understand (a little) Frisian can participate! Share this with others, so they can participate too.


For this research the Fryske Akademy cooperates with Utrecht University.

For questions about this research, please email Dr. Anne-France Pinget.