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Mission and objectives


As a future-oriented network institution, the Fryske Akademy conducts, shares and facilitates scientific research on the Frisian case in an international and multidisciplinary perspective. This concerns both fundamental and applied research. The focus is on Frisian, multilingual society, regional history in an international perspective, minority languages and cultures and the development of digital infrastructures - preferably in a cross-disciplinary and comparative perspective.

A small institute with great ambition and an even larger network: ús Fryske Akademy is an inspiring exchange place for scientific knowledge. An exceptional 'research oasis' where, by staff and guests, open science with impact is practised. As a research institute emerging from society, we have a privileged position, which we make the most of. We do this from the conviction that we can best serve the mienskip by conducting research at a high academic level.

With multidisciplinary research, the Fryske Akademy makes innovative contributions to the international scientific discourse, the Fryske Akademy contributes to the academic climate in Leeuwarden and Fryslân, and generates inspiring fundamental and applicable knowledge for and about society. From a strong commitment to Fryslân and the Frisians, with an eye for social impact, the Fryske Akademy works on high-level science.

The mission of the Mercator European Research Centre - part of the Fryske Akademy - endorses and reinforces the overarching Akademy mission, through specific focus on: "research, dissemination and application of knowledge in the field of multilingualism, individually and in society, and language learning, in formal and informal settings. Mercator's starting point is in the field of minority languages, especially in Europe but also beyond. This concerns not only indigenous but also migrant languages." It has been given the mission: 'bring Fryslân to Europe and bring Europe to Fryslân'.


Strategic Policy Plan 2022-2027

Our Strategic Policy Plan 2022-2027 is available in Frysk, Nederlands and English (pdf).


Research Agenda 2023-2027

Our Research Agenda 2023-2027 is available in FryskNederlands and English (pdf).



Our ambition is to be known throughout Europe as a centre of excellence and thus make the region proud of the institute. The FA aims to be an example for scientific institutes in other minority regions; an inspiring place where up-and-coming and established researchers are eager to come and make use of our expertise; a safe oasis where people can exchange ideas in openness and where they are encouraged to push the boundaries of knowledge around the Frisian case and related themes. In 10 years' time, no one will wonder what the Fryske Akademy does, but how to be involved.

Comprehensive organisational goals have been formulated for the period 2022-2027 in terms of profiling, cooperation, aquisition and organisational development. You can read these in the Strategysk Beliedsplan 2022-2027 (translation: NL/ ENG).


Core task

The core task of the Fryske Akademy is to conduct high quality scientific research on the Frisian Case, with impact. In this research, ICT and the development of digital tools and collections play an increasingly important role. In line with this, the following core tasks can be distinguished:  

  • Active participation in the international scientific debate by providing high-quality publications and participating in congresses and symposia.  
  • Contributing to the preservation and promotion of Frisian as a second national language.  
  • Gathering and sharing knowledge with regard to the Frisian language, culture and history on behalf of social parties.  
  • To initiate and enter into cooperative agreements with regional knowledge institutions and with universities and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad.  
  • Developing partnerships with governments in regions with minority language problems.  
  • Conducting commissioned research for the development of regional and European government policy.  
  • Creating and maintaining digital collections relating to Frisian spoken and written heritage.


Core values

The core values of the Fryske Akademy are formulated in the Strategysk Beliedsplan 2022-2027:

  • Impactful: our unique expertise, our research and agenda, how we share knowledge, how we cooperate as a team and with others has impact.
  • Open: we are committed to Open Science and Open Access, we are approachable, inclusive, exchange, collaborate, welcome feedback and let people benefit from our oasis.
  • Proactive: we set forward-looking research agendas, take initiative, seek connection, we are ambitious, intrinsically motivated, strategic, we communicate actively.
  • Flexible: based on our mission, we use our knowledge where necessary, we respond to opportunities and developments, we are future-oriented and not afraid to make adjustments, we work as a flexible team.
  • Reliable: our knowledge and our people are our capital; we ensure that our knowledge is up-to-date, responsible, incorruptible and safeguarded, we rely on our mission, handle the resources made available to us by society prudently; we are a reliable cooperation partner who does what he promises.