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Gerrit Hiemstra writes Grut Frysk Diktee about climate impact

On Tuesday 23 April, the States Chamber of the Province of Friesland will again be full of sweating people trying to write the dictation text of it Grut Frysk Diktee without mistakes. Weather and climate expert Gerrit Hiemstra is writing this year's dictation text. You can qualify for the dictation from Tuesday 5 March by taking the qualification dictation at

Last year, the text was written by singer Iris Kroes, then it was about a particular phase in life. This year, Gerrit Hiemstra ventured to write the dictation text which is about the impact of the climate: "I wanted to talk about the climate, but that is a very big subject with many different angles. In the end, I chose to write mainly about the human aspect. The bottom line is that we have to say goodbye to the climate of the past and many people have great difficulty with that."

From well-known Frisians to Harkemase Boys
Besides the 20 candidates who can qualify, five teams will also compete among themselves. This year's teams are: Famous Frisians, Yung Frysk, Harkemase Boys, Freonen (friends) of Frisian organisations and students of Frisian from the University of Amsterdam.

Also want to join?
People who would like to participate in the Grut Frysk Diktee on 23 April must qualify. From 5 to 31 March, anyone can enter the qualifying dictation online at From the best participants, twenty candidates will be selected to take part in the grand final in the States Chamber.

The Grut Frysk Diktee will be broadcast on Wednesday 24 April at 19.30 on Omrop Fryslân. The organisation of the dictation is in the hands of the Afûk, Taalcentrum Fries (Cedin), the Fryske Akademy, Province of Fryslân and Omrop Fryslân. More information about the Grut Frysk Diktee can be found at