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Courtyard Fryske Akademy stage for French theater company

Photo: DIRTZTheatre

The historic courtyard of the Fryske Akademy will be the stage of theatre group DIRTZTheatre for two days. At the invitation of the Fries Straatfestival, the French company will perform a special trilogy, ShortStories, on 19 and 20 May. On Friday it can be seen in its entirety, on Saturday the short performances will be spread over the day. Admission is free.

ShortStories is a trilogy of short acts with a mix of contemporary dance, physical theatre and puppetry. DIRTZTheatre invites everyone to dive into a poetic universe of metamorphoses, where everyone's reality is challenged in an unexpected and subtle way. 


Friday 19 May 

9.30pm: DIRTZtheatre - ShortStories: Nonna's don't cry, Alias, Le troisieme pas


Saturday, 20 May

2.45pm: DIRTZtheatre -Nonna's don't cry

4 pm: DIRTZtheatre - Alias

9.30pm: DIRTZtheatre - Le troisieme pas


More information about the Fries Straatfestival can be found on their website, more information about these short acts can be found here.