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King Redbad takes centre stage at East Frisian History Day

The Ostfriesische Landschaft and the Niedersächsische Landesarchiv, together with the Fryske Akademy are organising the East Frisian History Day on Saturday 18 Novimber in Aurich (D) from 10.00 am. The theme of the day is: Radbod/Redbad. Ein friesischer König des Frühmittelalters in Legende und Geschichte. 

From 679 to 719 AD, Radbod, called Redbad or Radboud in the Netherlands, was king of the Frisians. With his resistance to the power of the Frankish Empire and his attempts to Christianise the people, he plays an important role as a "place of remembrance", especially for the West Frisians. But it also lives on in East Frisia to this day, especially in orally transmitted sagas and legends; written sources for this early period in the Frisian geschedenis are unfortunately few.

From the Fryske Akademy, Dr Han Nijdam, Prof Hans Mol and Dr Simon Halink will speak. Nijdam will discuss 'Redbad - Frisian king forever!' with Otto Knottnerus. Mol will discuss King Redbad's room for movement and Hallink's lecture is entitled: 'Radbods Nachleben als friesischer Freiheitskämper'. In addition to these lectures, there is also a lecture by Dr Sonja König of the Ostfriesische Landschaft. Her lecture is about the Radbodsmountain near Brill in the Wittmund area. The day will conclude with a discussion at 12.45pm.

For more information and the programme, please visit the website of the Ostfriesische Landschaft.