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KNAW Early Career Partnership for Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm

Dr. Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm has been awarded one of the ten KNAW Early Career Partnerships. (photo: Jacob van Essen)

Dr Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm, managing director and researcher at the Fryske Akademy, has been awarded one of the ten KNAW Early Career Partnerships (ECP). With this KNAW Early Career Partnership, researchers can explore innovative ideas or methods for research. They will receive an amount of €10,000 to organise an interdisciplinary meeting.


Layers of meaning

IJssennagger-van der Pluijm is very pleased that she has been awarded the ECP: “It gives me a wonderful opportunity to further expand the interdisciplinary collaboration. In my case it is about focusing on the coast and tidal area as a holistic research theme and as a landscape of layers of significance, which should not compete with each other. It is a great opportunity for collaboration in Fryslân – in the first place with Prof Theunis Piersma (BirdEyes), but also with others – and internationally. Because this theme connects Fryslân with the whole world.”


PhD researchers

The KNAW Early Career Partnership can be awarded to researchers with a PhD who work at a university or research institute in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and who obtained their PhD more than 7 years ago. A maximum of ten researchers receive an ECP per year.


In 2023, the KNAW Early Career Partnerships will be awarded to:

  • Michelle Achterberg, Erasmus University Rotterdam –  An interdisciplinary perspective on developmental sensitivities in dealing with social rejection
  • Emmanuel Akwasi Adu-Ampong, Wageningen University & Research –  Tourism, memory and heritage: making sense of slavery heritage in the Ghana-Suriname-Netherlands Triangle
  • Matthew Dennis, Eindhoven University of Technology –  Interdisciplinary approaches to reimagining digital well-being
  • Philippe van Gruisen, Leiden University –  The broad welfare effects of (labour) migration
  • Nelleke IJssennagger - van der Pluijm, Fryske Akademy –  Coastal wilderness and cultural landscape? Repositioning coastal and tidal areas as a cross-disciplinary research topic
  • Anahita Jamshidnejad, Delft University of Technology –  How can systems and control theory contribute to creating social and cognitive systems?
  • Alena Kamenshchikova, Maastricht University –  Periphery at the centre: Towards new transdisciplinary approaches of cross-border infectious mobility
  • Marieke Klein, Radboud University –  Mind your body!
  • Stefan Lipman, Erasmus University Rotterdam –  Health's impact on well-being: the philosophy and economics of estimating welfare-relevant preferences in healthcare
  • Marie Petersmann, Tilburg University –  Law and more-than-human societies

For more information, please read the press release on the KNAW website.