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'De Winskhoed fan Fortunatus/ De Wenshoed van Fortunatus'

'De Winskhoed fan Fortunatus/ De Wenshoed van Fortunatus'

For the first time, the story cycle 'De Winskhoed fan Fortunatus' by Waling Dijkstra (1821-1914) appears in book form. Abe de Vries, guest researcher at the Fryske Akademy, brought together the stories in a slightly modernised Frisian spelling and also provided the translation into Dutch and an introduction to the work. The book appears as the thirteenth book in the Fryske Akademy's literary Iduna series (Akademy-nûmer 1140) and is published by DeRyp publishers. 


Book launch

The presentation of 'De Winskhoed fan Fortunatus / The Wish Hat of Fortunatus' will be on 2 June at 6pm in Spannum, ahead of the performance of the iepenloftspul (open air theatre) 'Wat bisto leaflik' (8-20 June) about Waling Dijkstra. The book will be presented to no less than four Waling Dijkstra's, namely three actors who play Waling Dijkstra in the play and a 'real' Waling Dijkstra, a family member of the writer Waling Dijkstra.


About 'De Winskhoed fan Fortunatus / De Wenshoed van Fortunatus'

Waling Dijkstra (1821-1914) was the most important realistic Frisian writer of the nineteenth century. His early story cycle 'De Wenshoed van Fortunatus' from the first half of the 1850s is published in book form for the first time with this bilingual edition. Dijkstra has his alter ego Japik Japiks search among the Frisian village folk for the 'condition humaine'. Unnoticed, Japiks eavesdrops on their conversations, settling for romance and, as a writer, offering criticism and advice for a better, happier life. 

The book will soon be on sale via Utjouwerij DeRyp in Koudum and also at the performances of the iepenloftspul in Spannum.