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'Frisian Land Law. A Critical Edition and Translation of the Freeska Landriucht'

Around 1485, the centuries-old collection of Old Frisian law was printed, partly dating back to the 11th century. This incunabulum became known as Freeska Landriucht or Frisian Land Law. It also included Latin glosses with references to Canonical and Roman law, a tradition that had emerged in the 13th and 14th centuries.

This spring, Dr Han Nijdam (Fryske Akademy), Prof em mr Jan Hallebeek and prof mr dr Hylkje de Jong (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) are presenting a new edition of the Freeska Landriucht, namely the first critical edition with an English translation: 'Frisian Land Law. A Critical Edition and Translation of the Freeska Landriucht'.

It book is already on sale, and is also available as an open access E-book (free download).


Book launch

The first copy will be presented to Prof Jan Willem Sap on Monday 8 May. Sap is a law professor at VU University Amsterdam, but is also the grandson of Prof Klaas Fokkema, professor of Frisian, who died suddenly in 1967 while he was still working on an edition of Freeska Landriucht. It had already come to a first print proof from publisher Martinus Nijhoff, which handled the 'Oudfriese Taal- en Rechtsbronnen' series.

The new edition, which is now finally a reality, has been released by international publisher Brill, in the series Medieval Law and Its Practice. It is nice to know that Martinus Nijhoff has now become an imprint of Brill.



Datum: Monday 8 May 2023
Tijd: 14.30-17.00
Location: Tresoar, Boterhoek 1, 8911 DH Leeuwarden (NL)

14.30: Doors open
15.00: Short presentations

* Research group Pastei, ‘De vroegste bezitters van Freeska Landriucht’
* Dr. Oebele Vries, ‘Freeska Landriucht in de politieke context van zijn tijd’
* Dr. Han Nijdam ‘Over de inhoud van Freeska Landriucht’
* Prof. dr. mr. Hylkje de Jong ‘De glossen in Freeska Landriucht’

16.00: Presentation of the first copy of 'Frisian Land Law: A Critical Edition and Translation of the Freeska Landriucht' to prof. dr. Jan Willem Sap.

Followed by reception

We would like to hear if you will be present at the presentation. You can send an e-mail to