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Frysker available in three languages

Frysker has been revamped. The website with language tools for everyone who wants to write and speak flawless Frisian now has an English and Dutch interface in addition to a Frisian one. In addition, the presentation has been improved and the language website works faster than ever. The 'Sykje' feature has become clearer and is, as always, very worthwhile. In addition to translations, 'Sykje' also provides extensive information on the use and forms of words, with clear examples. Besides these improvements, the Fryske Akademy is also working on including the 2000 Frisian-English dictionary in Frysker's search function. This is expected to happen in spring 2023.

Over 250 new words every week
The content of Frysker is updated every day, adding many new words from the new Dutch-Frisian dictionary currently being written at the Akademy. The Dutch-Frisian dictionary in Frysker therefore grows by some 250-300 new words every week. The part Foarkarswurdlist (The Preferred Dictionary section) is also regularly expanded and now counts almost 96,000 words. has been online since 2021 and is the successor to Taalweb. Frysker includes the following sections developed by the Fryske Akademy: Foarkarswurdlist foar it Frysk (2015-2022 ), the Frysk Hânwurdboek (2008, 2016 ), the Frysk Wurdboek, Nederlânsk-Frysk (1985 ), and data from the Online Dutch-Frisian Wurdboek (2017-2022 ). Furthermore, Frysker uses the LexiconService of the Institute for the Dutch Language from Leiden.