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Posthumus Conference: Regional History in a Global Context

The N.W. Posthumus Institute and the Fryske Akademy are organising the Posthumus Conference 2024. The conference will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May in Leeuwarden at the University of Groningen, Campus Fryslân. The theme is Regional History in a Global Context. The main lecture will be given by Prof Nikolaus Wolff of Humboldt University, Berlin. The co-referral will be held by Prof Marijn Molema (University of Groningen/Planbureau Fryslân), who was previously associated with the Fryske Akademy.

In addition to the main speakers, there will be presentations by PhD students, networking sessions, a diploma ceremony at the conference dinner and closing drinks. The organising committee consists of: Hanno Brand (Fryske Akademy), Jessica Dijkman, Rogier van Kooten, René van Weeren and Amber Verspui (N.W. Posthumus Institute).

A special website has been set up for the conference with additional information on the programme, theme, accommodation options, etc.

Research School
The N.W. Posthumus Institute is a research school within the Netherlands and Flanders for Economic and Social History, and it is a collaboration between fifteen universities and research institutes. Since 1988, the N.W. Posthumus Institute has stimulated innovative and progressive interdisciplinary research in economic and social history by encouraging and supporting joint research programmes between the participating institutions.