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Coastal and tidal areas as a multidisciplinary research topic

Dr Simon Halink gives a lecture.

Dr Simon Halink gives a lecture.

Coastal and tidal areas are landscapes of significance, where the perspectives of wilderness and culture coexist. To study it, it needs to be approached as a multidisciplinary research topic, through the eyes of birds and people of the past and in a shared language.

That is the premise of 'Coastal wilderness and cultural landscape? Repositioning the coastal and tidal area as a cross-disciplinary research topic', a three-day workshop being held on Terschelling this week. It is organised by Dr Nelleke IJssennagger-van der Pluijm FSA (Fryske Akademy), in collaboration with Prof Theunis Piersma of BirdEyes/ NIOZ (Leeuwarden/ Texel ). The meeting was made possible by the KNAW Early Career Partnership of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, awarded to Dr IJssennagger-van der Pluijm in 2023.

Participants talk about the relevant developments in their field when it comes to coastal and tidal areas, where the challenges lie and what knowledge can be useful for other scientific disciplines. Participating in the workshop are researchers in the fields of history, natural sciences and frisistics, but also professionals from, for example, the cultural sector.

The aim of the workshop is to work towards a white paper (white paper), with ojective relevant information, in which coastal and tidal areas are formulated and theorised in a shared language, as a multidisciplinary research topic.


The invited speakers are:

Prof. Dr. Charles Foster (University of Oxford) 
Professor at the Faculty of Law and prize-winning author. 
Being a Beast and Being Human are two of his most remarkable publications. His work focuses both on the natural world and on the question of humans in the natural world.

Dr. Mans Schepers (University of Groningen)
Assistant-professor focusing on the complex interaction between people and the natural environment, especially in the coastal area.

Dr. Heleen van Londen (University of Amsterdam/Waddenacademie) 
Landscape archaeology, heritage, and archaeological heritage management.

Dr. Simon Halink (Fryske Akademy) 
Cultural historian specialized in the comparative study and the historical development of small national communities, such as Friesland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Johan van de Gronden MA (Director of BirdEyes/author)
Philosophical perspectives on the intricate nexus between culture and nature.

Dr. Arjan Conijn (University of Groningen) 
Post-Doc researcher focusing on the interaction between people and water.

Jorris Kingma BA
Research master student Classical Medieval and Early Modern Studies. Specialising in Environmental History and Medieval Studies.

Dr. Wietske Prummel (University of Groningen)
Zooarchaeologist specialized in bird remains in the coastal area.

Dr. Martin Segschneider (Niedersächsische Institut für historische Küstenforschung)
Head of department Coastal and Maritime archaeology.

Dr. Ing. Clemens Driessen (Wageningen University)
Assistant-Professor Cultural Geography. Researches nature as deeply cultural.

Dr. Eveline de Smalen (Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München)
Researcher in Environmental Humanities, working at the intersection of nature conservation and arts and culture.

Jeroen Wiersma MA (University of Groningen)
Researcher specialized in Landscape- and Agricultural History.


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